Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Native Water Plants

Are planning on creating a native pond or a frog pond, then come and visit us, we stock a range of Australian and West Australian native water plants. Marginal, full aquatic and flowering varieties are available. We also stock Western Pygmy Perch which are ideal for native ponds and mosquito control.

For Wholesale and Trade enquiries, please contact us directly via info@fishandlily.com.au - cash and carry only

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Broad Twig Rush

Broad Twig Rush $10 

Perennial grass like sedge. Grey to reddish brown flowers from July to December. Native to Western Australia.

Baumea Preissii Marginal Rush

Juncus Rush or Native Rush

Juncus Rush or Native Rush $10 

Very fine rush like stems with small brown flowers.

Juncus Usitatus Marginal Rush

Milfoil Red Stemmed

Milfoil Red Stemmed $10 

Attractive creeping water plant with red to pink stems. Australian native.

Myriophyllum Papillosum Full Aquatic


Nardoo $10 

Attractive four leaf clover like appearance. Leaves float on the water surface. Australian Native.

Marsilea Drummondii Full Aquatic Floating

Snowflake or White Water Fringe

Snowflake or White Water Fringe $2 per leaf or $10 plant 

Round waterlily like leaves that float on the water surface. Small white fringed flowers. Australian native. We sell this plant by the leaf.

Nymphoides Indica Full Aquatic

Velvet Blue Rush

Velvet Blue Rush $10 

Very attractive screening plant for shallow areas. Native to Western Australia.

Meeboldina Scariosa Marginal Rush

Yellow Marsh Flower

Yellow Marsh Flower $10 

Large fringed yellow flowers held on stems up to 50cm. Foliage is fleshy and shiny green. Australian Native.

Villarsia Exaltata Marginal

Yellow Water Fringe

Yellow Water Fringe $10 

Round waterlily like leaves that float on the water surface. Small yellow fringed flowers. Australian Native.

Nymphoides Geminata Full Aquatic