Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Marginal Pond Plants

Marginal Water Plants grow in shallow water, they are ideal for placing on pond ledges. Use marginal water plants such as reeds to create height and add colour and texture to your pond.

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Blue Rush

Blue Rush $10 

Medium sized blue green rush. Hardy plant for full sun positions.

Carex Riparia Marginal Rush

Broad Twig Rush

Broad Twig Rush $10 

Perennial grass like sedge. Grey to reddish brown flowers from July to December. Native to Western Australia.

Baumea Preissii Marginal Rush

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola $10 

Used in Sri Lankan cuisine and as a herbal remedy for various skin conditions and as a "brain tonic" to improve memory.

Hydrocotyle asciatica Marginal

Juncus Rush or Native Rush

Juncus Rush or Native Rush $10 

Very fine rush like stems with small brown flowers.

Juncus Usitatus Marginal Rush

Kang Kung

Kang Kung $10 

Asian water spinach. Used commonly in stir fries throughout southeast Asia. Kang Kung is an annual, therefore it needs to be re-planted each year. Attractive white flowers.

Ipomoea Aquatica Marginal

Lebanese Cress

Lebanese Cress $10 

Attractive fern like water plant that can be used in salads or as a garnish. Excellent for use in natural plant filters and floating baskets.

Aethionema Coridifolium Marginal

Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris $10 

Available in various colours, from white through yellow to lemon and lime hues, purples and blues. Iris is a seasonal plant that flowers in the spring. The range of colours available from us varies each season.

Marginal Iris

Papyrus (Dwarf)

Papyrus (Dwarf) $10 

Attractive round spikey clusters held on long stalks. Beautiful marginal plant suited to most ponds.

Cyperus Prolifer Marginal Rush

Society Garlic

Society Garlic $10 

Attractive variegated green grey leaves with beautiful mauve flowers. Flowers and leaves are edible and taste similar to garlic. Can be used in salads or cooking. Flowers all year round.

Tulbaghia Violacea Marginal

Black Taro

Black Taro $10 

Stunning "black" foilage ideal for creating contrast in your pond.

Colocasia esculenta Marginal

Edible Taro

Edible Taro $10 

Root can be used like potato. Taro must be cooked prior to eating.


Green Taro

Green Taro $10 

Green Taro or "Elephant Ears" . Very attractive tropical plant suited to large ponds.

Colocasia esculenta Marginal

Umbrella Grass

Umbrella Grass $10 

Dark green umbrella like foliage. Suited to larger ponds.

Cyperus Aternifolius Marginal Rush

Dwarf Umbrella Grass

Dwarf Umbrella Grass $10 

Small growing variety of umbrella grass. Dark green umbrella shaped heads. Suited to small ponds and pots.

Cyperus Alternifolius Nanus Marginal

Velvet Blue Rush

Velvet Blue Rush $10 

Very attractive screening plant for shallow areas. Native to Western Australia.

Meeboldina Scariosa Marginal Rush

Water Canna (Dwarf)

Water Canna (Dwarf) $10 

Gorgeous flowering plants with colourful foliage. Flowers spring/summer.

Canna Glauca Marginal

Chinese Water Chestnut

Chinese Water Chestnut $10 

Edible crisp nut like corm. Can be used in stir fries or salads. Plant in 10-15cm of water and harvest in late autumn once shoots have died back.

Eleocharis dulcis Marginal

Water Hibiscus

Water Hibiscus $10 

Large scarlet-red flowers during summer. Dies down over winter. Cut back for new growth in spring.

Hibiscus Coccineus Marginal

Water Parsley

Water Parsley $10 

Edible water plant with a mild Parsley flavour. Suited to salads and garnishes.

Oenanthe javanica Marginal


Watercress $10 

European watercress grows in Autumn and Winter and enters dormancy over the warmer months. Can be used in salads and stir fries. Excellent filter plant during the winter months when other plants are dormant. Self seeds, so no need to plant every year.

Nasturtium Officinale Marginal

Yellow Marsh Flower

Yellow Marsh Flower $10 

Large fringed yellow flowers held on stems up to 50cm. Foliage is fleshy and shiny green. Australian Native.

Villarsia Exaltata Marginal