Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Full Aquatic Water Plants

Full Aquatic Plants grow in the deeper areas of the pond, with many varieties growing in depths ranging from 30cm through to 70cm. Many full aquatics float their leaves on the surface of the water, while others grow through the water and remain fully submerged.

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Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword $10 

Full aquatic

Echinodorus Cordifolius Full Aquatic

Bacopa Monniera Blue

Bacopa Monniera Blue $10 

Also known as Brahmi. Versatile plant that can be grown as a full aquatic, in shallow water or as a creeping plant over rockeries. Attractive small blue flowers during summer.

Bacopa Monniera Full Aquatic

Sacred Lotus Pink

Sacred Lotus Pink $20 for a bare rooted cutting 

Sacred Lotus is a magnificent flowering water plant with massive disc shaped leaves often held high above the water. Lotus seed pods can be dried and used decoratively. We have both pink and white flowering Lotus available.

Nelumbo Nucifera Full Aquatic Nelumbo


Ludwigia $10 

Flat creeping plant with small yellow flowers, can be fully submerged.

Ludwigia Palustris Full Aquatic

Milfoil Red Stemmed

Milfoil Red Stemmed $10 

Attractive creeping water plant with red to pink stems. Australian native.

Myriophyllum Papillosum Full Aquatic


Nardoo $10 

Attractive four leaf clover like appearance. Leaves float on the water surface. Australian Native.

Marsilea Drummondii Full Aquatic Floating

Snowflake or White Water Fringe

Snowflake or White Water Fringe $2 per leaf or $10 plant 

Round waterlily like leaves that float on the water surface. Small white fringed flowers. Australian native. We sell this plant by the leaf.

Nymphoides Indica Full Aquatic

Swamp Stonecrop

Swamp Stonecrop $10 

Small creeping plant with narrow succulent leaves. Australian native.

Crassula Helmsii Full Aquatic


Vallis $10 

Fully submersed ribbon like water grass with spiral flower stalks topped with tiny flowers. Ideal for fish spawning. Sold as unpotted clumps.

Vallisneria Spiralis Full Aquatic

Yellow Water Fringe

Yellow Water Fringe $10 

Round waterlily like leaves that float on the water surface. Small yellow fringed flowers. Australian Native.

Nymphoides Geminata Full Aquatic