Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Tropical Water Lilies

The typical tropical water lily features masses of flowers held high above the water in a magnificent display. Tropical water lily colours are typically blue, pink, magenta, yellow or white. There are also the unusual bi colour combinations of orange, peach, yellow and green. Tropical water lilies are available for sale from November to June.

Some of the tropical water lilies have brilliant variagations in the leaves, featuring dark greens, yellows and burgundy red.

Most people don't realize that the majority of tropical water lilies have a wonderful perfume. If you would like to see tropical water lilies at their best come and view them from November to February before lunch time. If it's not too windy you will be able to smell the fragrance in the air - Magnificent!

For Wholesale and Trade enquiries, please contact us directly via info@fishandlily.com.au - cash and carry only

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Standard range

Anne Emmet

Anne Emmet $25 

Unusual "green" flowers. Inner petals are greenish yellow, outer petals tipped with blue. Leaves bright green, new leaves slight purple blotches.

Nymphaea Anne Emmet Tropical Standard

Blue Beauty Pennsylvania

Blue Beauty Pennsylvania $25 

Abundant deep blue flowers. Leaves lightly speckled with purple. Continuous blooms throughout the growing season. Our biggest selling blue.

Nymphaea Blue Beauty Tropical Standard


Colorata $15 

Deep violet blue cup shaped flowers that float on the water. Small round bright green leaves with wavy edges and purple undersides. Small growing tropical ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Colorata Tropical Miniature

Director George T Moore

Director George T Moore $25 

Deep violet purple flowers. Round green leaves with few purple specks. Underside of leaves dark purple.

Nymphaea Director George T Moore Tropical Standard


Fireglow $25 

Small growing tropical with bright pink flowers and very heavily speckled leaves. Leaves are deep red. Suitable for bowls and tubs.

Nymphae Fireglow Tropical Miniature

General Pershing

General Pershing $25 

Strongly scented Lavender pink flowers. Leaves dark green with many purple specks.

Nymphaea General Pershing Tropical Standard

Golden West

Golden West $25 

Beautiful peach flowers. Colour deepens as plant matures. Green leaves highly mottled with red. Strongly fragrant.

Nymphaea Golden West Tropical Standard

H C Haarstick

H C Haarstick $25 

Brilliant red flowers that open out flat. Deep reddish brown convoluted leaves. A striking night flowering water lily.

Nymphaea H C Haarstick Tropical Nightflower

Mrs George C Hitchcock

Mrs George C Hitchcock $25 

Large flat candy pink flowers. Leaves initially bronze becoming bronzy green. Night Flowering.

Nymphaea Mrs George C Hitchcock Tropical Nightflower

Mrs George H Pring

Mrs George H Pring $25 

Creamy white flowers with yellow centres and beautiful fragrance. Leaves green with occasional purple blotches. Prolific blooms throughout the growing season.

Nymphaea Mrs George H Pring Tropical Standard

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl $25 

Pale pink flowers that contrast beautifully with bright green leaves. Produces an abundance of blooms.

Nymphaea Pink Pearl Tropical Standard

St Louis Gold

St Louis Gold $25 

Brilliant yellow flowers. Leaves olive green heavily mottled with purple. Produces masses of flowers. A small sized tropical ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea St Louis Gold Tropical Miniature


Stellata $25 

Light blue star shaped flowers held very high above the water. Large serrated bright green leaves, with occasional purple speckles.

Nymphaea Stellata Tropical Standard


Sunshine $25 

Yellow flowers. Leaves are very heavily speckled

Nymphaea Sunshine Tropical Standard

Wood's White Knight

Wood's White Knight $25 

Creamy white flowers with yellow centres. Flowers are large and flat. Large bright green leaves with highly scalloped edges. Produces an abundance of flowers. Night flowering.

Nymphaea Wood's White Knight Tropical Nightflower

Premium range


Afterglow $35 

Beautiful "Autumn" coloured flowers of yellow, orange and pink. Green leaves with wavy edges.

Nymphaea Afterglow Tropical Standard

Blue Aster

Blue Aster $40 

Lovely mid blue flowers. Impressive leaves very heavily splashed with maroon. Hybrid by Charles Winch.

Nymphaea Blue Aster Tropical Standard

Blue Triumph

Blue Triumph $55 

Magnificent bright blue flowers. Green leaves gently speckled with purple. Continues to flower well into winter in Perth.

Nymphaea Blue Triumph Tropical Standard

Evelyn Randig

Evelyn Randig $75 

Magnificent magenta flowers. Leaves are highly mottled with purple making this a truly stunning water lily. Flowers all year round in Perth region.

Nymphaea Evelyn Randig Tropical Standard

Mrs Martin E Randig

Mrs Martin E Randig $40 

Stunning violet blue flowers with a lovely fragrance. Leaves deep green with deep red underside. Highly viviparous (new plants form from leaf).

Nymphaea Mrs Martin E Randig Tropical Standard


Noelene $35 

Simply stunning lavender pink flowers. Leaves highly mottled with maroon. Has the potential to flower all year round in Perth region.

Nymphaea Noelene Tropical Standard

Paula Louise

Paula Louise $40 

Gorgeous large deep pink flowers. Leaves heavily speckled with maroon. Has the potential to flower all year round in Perth region.

Nymphaea Paula Louise Tropical Standard

Blue Muriel

Blue Muriel $55 

Stunning pale powder blue flowers, becoming tipped with pink as flower ages. Leaves green to bronze, with purple edges and flecks. Lightly scented. Plant flowers all year round in Perth.

Tropical Standard

Yellow Dazzler

Yellow Dazzler $35 

Massive lemon yellow flowers. Very large green leaves with occasional purple markings. Leaves are heavily convoluted. Growth commences later in the season than other tropicals in Perth region. Suited to large ponds.

Nymphaea Yellow Dazzler Tropical Standard

Other lilies in our collection - by request

Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty  

Light sky blue flowers with yellow centres. Serrated green leaves with purple speckles and purple undersides.

Nymphaea Blue Beauty Tropical Standard

Charlies Pride

Charlies Pride  

Brilliant large pink flowers with bright green leaves.

Nymphaea Charlie's Pride Tropical Standard

Jack Wood

Jack Wood  

Deep pink stellate flowers. Leaves bright green with occasional purple speck. Underside of leaves red to purple.

Nymphaea Jack Wood Tropical Standard



Deep magenta to red flowers. Leaves green with red speckles.

Tropical Standard