Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Night Flowering Water Lilies

Opening after dark these unusual water lilies are great to enjoy while relaxing around your pond at night.  Night flowering water lilies are Tropical Water Lilues and are available from November to June.

Night Flowering Water Lilies tend to have more robust leaves with heavy scallloping on the edges.

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H C Haarstick

H C Haarstick $25 

Brilliant red flowers that open out flat. Deep reddish brown convoluted leaves. A striking night flowering water lily.

Nymphaea H C Haarstick Tropical Nightflower

Mrs George C Hitchcock

Mrs George C Hitchcock $25 

Large flat candy pink flowers. Leaves initially bronze becoming bronzy green. Night Flowering.

Nymphaea Mrs George C Hitchcock Tropical Nightflower

Wood's White Knight

Wood's White Knight $25 

Creamy white flowers with yellow centres. Flowers are large and flat. Large bright green leaves with highly scalloped edges. Produces an abundance of flowers. Night flowering.

Nymphaea Wood's White Knight Tropical Nightflower