Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm

Miniature Water Lilies

Our water lilies are priced from $10 and are sold as a potted plant ready for direct placement in your pond. Our miniature water lilies are suitable for small ponds and tubs. Miniature and pygmy water lilies are available in both Hardy and Tropical varieties.

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Standard range


Colorata $15 

Deep violet blue cup shaped flowers that float on the water. Small round bright green leaves with wavy edges and purple undersides. Small growing tropical ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Colorata Tropical Miniature


Fireglow $25 

Small growing tropical with bright pink flowers and very heavily speckled leaves. Leaves are deep red. Suitable for bowls and tubs.

Nymphae Fireglow Tropical Miniature


Gloriosa $25 

Beautiful small growing water lily producing an abundance of red flowers. Suitable for tub planting.

Nymphaea Gloriosa Hardy Pygmy


Indiana $10 

Small growing water lily with changeable cup shaped flowers, initially apricot deepening to orange. Green leaves blotched with purple. Ideal for tub planting or small ponds.

Nymphaea Indiana Hardy Pygmy

Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon $25 

Lovely double yellow flowers that float on the water surface. Dark green flecked leaves. Suitable for small to medium ponds.

Nymphaea Lemon Chiffon Hardy Pygmy

Paul Hariot

Paul Hariot $15 

Changeable yellow to apricot cup shaped flowers, colour deepens with age. A small grower suitable for tubs and small ponds. Leaves green with purple speckles.

Nymphaea Paul Hariot Hardy Pygmy

Laydekeri Lilacea "Pink Laydeker"

Laydekeri Lilacea "Pink Laydeker" $10 

Miniature water lily with abundant delicate pink flowers.Green leaves mottled with purple. New leaves purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Laydekeri lilacea Hardy Miniature

St Louis Gold

St Louis Gold $25 

Brilliant yellow flowers. Leaves olive green heavily mottled with purple. Produces masses of flowers. A small sized tropical ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea St Louis Gold Tropical Miniature

Other lilies in our collection - by request



Small growing water lily suited to bowls and tubs. Unusual heavily speckled leaves and strong apricot coloured flowers.

Nymphaea Andreana Hardy Pygmy



Stunning deep pink to red flowers. Leaves green blotched with purple. Ideal for tub planting and small to medium ponds.

Nymphaea Ellisiana Hardy Pygmy



Delicate yellow miniature water lily. Leaves green mottled with purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Helvola Hardy Miniature

Mary Patricia

Mary Patricia  

Delicate peachy pink cup shaped flowers. Leaves green flecked with purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Mary Patricia Hardy Miniature