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Hardy Water Lilies

Our hardy water lilies are priced from $10 with all varieties sold as a potted plant ready for you to place directly into your pond. Floating on the water surface, these stunning flowers are available in shades of red, pink, yellow, white and exotic sunsets. The hardy water lily season is from August to April. The use of any algaecide product may be detrimental to water lilies and water plants

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Instructional Video On How To Prepare a Hardy Rhizome
The best time to divide your Hardy Water Lily is in July/August. This video shows you how to divide and prepare your Hardy Water Lily For Planting.

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Standard range


Arc-en-Ciel $25 

Shell pink stellate flowers. Arc-en-Ciel is grown for its magnificent leaves that are splashed with cream, yellow and pink.

Nymphaea Arc-en-Ciel Hardy Standard

Charles de Meurville

Charles de Meurville $25 

Gorgeous bi-coloured deep pink to red flowers with white tips. Large round dark green leaves. Suited to part shade in Perth as more susceptible to sunburn than many other varieties.

Nymphaea Charles de Meurville Hardy Standard


Conqueror $25 

Large growing water lily. Huge flowers with red inner petals fading to pink outer petals. Dark green leaves.

Nymphaea Conqueror Hardy Standard

Hollandia "Darwin"

Hollandia "Darwin" $25 

Magnificent double light pink to white flowers deepening with age. Medium green round leaves. Well suited to medium and large ponds.

Nymphaea Hollandia Hardy Standard


Escarboucle $15 

Brilliant deep vermilion red flowers tipped with white. Green leaves initially brown. Truly stunning.

Nymphaea Escarboucle Hardy Standard


Fabiola $20 

Medium pink cup shaped flowers with white tips. Medium sized water lily with an abundance of flowers. Mid green leaves.

Nymphaea Fabiola Hardy Standard

Gladstoniana "Gladstone"

Gladstoniana "Gladstone" $20 

Pure white flowers with yellow centres. Large round bright green leaves.

Nymphaea Gladstoniana Hardy Standard

Gloire du Temple-sur-Lot

Gloire du Temple-sur-Lot $25 

Magnificent shell pink flowers with up to 129 petals. Unfortunately this is not a free flowering lily. Needs to form a colony to flower. Suitable for large ponds

Nymphaea Gloire du Temple-sur-Lot Hardy Standard


Gloriosa $25 

Beautiful small growing water lily producing an abundance of red flowers. Suitable for tub planting.

Nymphaea Gloriosa Hardy Pygmy


Indiana $10 

Small growing water lily with changeable cup shaped flowers, initially apricot deepening to orange. Green leaves blotched with purple. Ideal for tub planting or small ponds.

Nymphaea Indiana Hardy Pygmy

Karleen Harder

Karleen Harder $25 

Massive yellow flowers with soft pink outer petals, held high above the water. Green leaves initially heavily speckled with purple, becoming green as plant matures. Retains leaves during winter in the Perth region.

Nymphaea Karleen Harder Hardy Standard

Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon $25 

Lovely double yellow flowers that float on the water surface. Dark green flecked leaves. Suitable for small to medium ponds.

Nymphaea Lemon Chiffon Hardy Pygmy

Marliacea Carnea "Morning Glory"

Marliacea Carnea "Morning Glory" $15 

Classic shell pink to white flowers. Bright green leaves initially purple. Medium to large grower.

Nymphaea Marliacea Carnea Hardy Standard

Odorata Sulphurea

Odorata Sulphurea $25 

Large light yellow stellate shaped flowers. Young leaves heavily blotched with purple.

Odorata Sulphurea Hardy Standard

Paul Hariot

Paul Hariot $15 

Changeable yellow to apricot cup shaped flowers, colour deepens with age. A small grower suitable for tubs and small ponds. Leaves green with purple speckles.

Nymphaea Paul Hariot Hardy Pygmy

Perry's Pink

Perry's Pink $15 

Bright pink flowers with distinctive orange dot in centre. Flowers are very large and even coloured.

Nymphaea Perry's Pink Hardy Standard

Laydekeri Lilacea "Pink Laydeker"

Laydekeri Lilacea "Pink Laydeker" $10 

Miniature water lily with abundant delicate pink flowers.Green leaves mottled with purple. New leaves purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Laydekeri lilacea Hardy Miniature

Red Spider

Red Spider $20 

Unusual crinkled light reddish flowers held high above the water. Leaves heavily speckled. Continues flowering late into the Autumn in Perth and maintains it's leaves over winter.

Nymphaea Red Spider Hardy Standard


Sirius $25 

Deep red stellate flowers. Deep green leaves blotched with purple. Very attractive lily with an abundance of flowers.

Nymphaea Sirius Hardy Standard

Premium range

Black Princess

Black Princess $35 

The darkest of all the Hardy Water Lilies. Dark red to almost black petals. New leaves deep red becoming green with age.

Nymphaea Black Princess Hardy Standard


Colorado $40 

Beautiful Salmon pink flowers held high above the water. Flower colour changes throughout the year going from bi-coloured yellow/pink to pure salmon pink. Green leaves, new leaves mottled reddish. This lily flowers all year in the Perth region.

Nymphaea Colorado Hardy Standard


Comanche $35 

Magnificent changeable water lily. Flowers initially yellow to apricot changing to deep orange as the flower ages. Leaves green flecked with purple.

Nymphaea Comanche Hardy Standard

Florida Sunset

Florida Sunset $35 

Double flowers are light yellow to peach blushed with pink and held very high above the water. Very free flowering. Stunning new lily in our collection which should be available for sale in the 2014 season.

Nymphaea Florida Sunset Hardy Standard

Gonnere "Snowball"

Gonnere "Snowball" $35 

Stunning double pure white blooms with yellow centre. Bright green round leaves. Medium grower suited to most ponds.

Nymphaea Gonnere Hardy Standard

Joey Tomocik

Joey Tomocik $35 

The most vivid yellow of all the hardy water lilies. Large flowers held very high above the water. Very free flowering. Has the potential to flower all year round in Perth region.

Nymphaea Joey Tomocik Hardy Standard


Mayla $35 

Large double fuchsia pink flowers. Leaves green, new leaves deep red. A truly stunning water lily suitable for large ponds.

Nymphaea Mayla Hardy Standard


Rembrandt $35 

Stunning deep pink to red water lily with an abundance of flowers. Medium green leaves. Our best selling red water lily.

Nymphaea Rembrandt Hardy Standard


Sunrise $35 

Massive yellow stellate shaped flowers often held above the water. Leaves green mottled with purple when young. One of the largest blooms of the Hardy lilies.

Nymphaea Sunrise Hardy Standard

Other lilies in our collection - by request



Small growing water lily suited to bowls and tubs. Unusual heavily speckled leaves and strong apricot coloured flowers.

Nymphaea Andreana Hardy Pygmy

Caroliniana Nivea

Caroliniana Nivea  

Large growing lily with pretty white flowers. Suited to large ponds and dams. Attractive large glossy green leaves.

Caroliniana Nivea Hardy Standard



Stunning deep pink to red flowers. Leaves green blotched with purple. Ideal for tub planting and small to medium ponds.

Nymphaea Ellisiana Hardy Pygmy



Delicate yellow miniature water lily. Leaves green mottled with purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Helvola Hardy Miniature

Mary Patricia

Mary Patricia  

Delicate peachy pink cup shaped flowers. Leaves green flecked with purple. Ideal for tub planting.

Nymphaea Mary Patricia Hardy Miniature

Norma Gedye

Norma Gedye  

Classic pale pink flowers that sit flat on the pond surface.

Nymphaea Norma Gedye Hardy Standard

Perry's Viviparous Pink

Perry's Viviparous Pink  

Huge double pink flowers. Viviparous from flower. Suitable for large ponds.

Nymphaea Perry's Viviparous Pink Hardy Standard

Rose Arey

Rose Arey  

Highly scented deep pink stellate shaped flowers. Green leaves initially purple. We do not pot this lily as it needs to form a colony to flower. Suitable for large ponds. An old classic.

Nymphaea Rose Arey Hardy Standard



Brilliant red flowers, very similar to Escarboucle. Deep green leaves. Vesuve is a smaller grower than Escarboucle.

Nymphaea Versuve Hardy Standard