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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The websites fishandlily.com.au and yourpond.com.au are owned by Zute Pty Ltd ATF the Hoffman Family Trust. These websites may be used for browsing, selecting and ordering products from Zute Pty Ltd ATF The Hoffman Family Trust Trading as Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm ABN 82074284942 ("us" or "we"). Any agreement or contract to buy product from this website is with Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm. The name Your Pond is a registered business name of Zute Pty Ltd ATF The Hoffman Family Trust.

"You" or "Your" is any person who browses, selects or orders products from this website.

You agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this website.

All prices quoted on this website include GST.

We reserve the right to change prices without notice. Once we have accepted your order we will not change the prices for the products in your order or for products on backorder.

Our Returns Policy forms part of these terms and conditions and can be viewed on this website


Any advice given in fact sheets on this website by us in relation to any product is provided as a general guide only, for the purpose of assisting you in your product purchase. Every individual circumstance is different and products may perform differently in different circumstances. In no way do we provide any additional guarantee or warranty beyond what is provided under the "manufacturers warranty" or "Consumer Guarantee".

All photos, other than manufacturers product images, on this website have been taken by and are the property of Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm and can not be copied or reproduced without our express permission.

This website may not be copied or reproduced.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions, we therefore recommend that you check our terms and conditions with the placement of each order.

Our Privacy Policy and Returns Policy are outlined on this website and form part of these terms and conditions.