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Fish Food

We have a huge range of fish foods to suit Koi, Goldfish and Aquaponics ponds. From budget food to superior quality colour enhancing Koi food and high protein winter feed for easy digestion in the colder months. Bulk food is also available ranging from 5kg to 20kg bags.

We get a lot of questions about fish food, feeding Koi, so we thought we would provide an overview of what we have learnt, and a bit more detail about what food we sell. 

Koi Feeding

Why should I feed my fish a floating pellet over a sinking pellet?

The most common problem with our customers is over feeding of their fish. Excess food should be removed from the pondafter 5 minutes to reduce nutrient load on the pond. Even the best filtration systems are unable to deal with excessive feed in the system. Floating pellets enable you to immediately see if all food has been eaten so that you can adjust feed quantity to suit your fish and time of year. Uneaten sinking pellets break down rapidly in the pond system making them difficult to remove from the pond and resulting in a green unsightly pond. Many of the sinking pellets on the market start to break down as soon as they hit the water often leaving an unsightly slick across the water surface. Additionally by using a floating pellet you can inspect your fish with each feed, as your fish come to the surface check them over for any signs of injury or disease. And best of all you get maximum enjoyment from your fish as they all come to the surface to greet you. 

Ever wondered what the difference is between Koi foods of different prices? Read on....

Ultra Balance Koi Food:

This food is made in the US and not only is high protein (35%) but has the ultimate mix of natural colour enhancing ingredients, including Spirulina (single most effective natural pigmentation source), Carotenoids (natural colour enhancers), Alfalfa Meal (natural source of yellow pigment), Krill (natural source of B-Carotene and Astaxanthin for red pigment. We have had great results with this food with a noticeable and rapid colour improvement of our fish. This is a floating brown pellet available in 4.5mm and 6mm size.

Koi King Staple:

Koi King Staple provides high protein (38%) and colour enhancement at a budget price. Used by Perth's largest Koi breeder (in conjunction with Koi King High Growth and Koi King Spirulina) this is a great food for giving maximum results at the best price. This is our highest selling fish food.

Koi King Wheat Germ:

Wheat Germ food is ideal for the winter months. It is easier for Koi to digest when metabolism is slowed due to cold water temperature. However, it still provides a high protein level for your fish (38%). Feed from June to early September in the Perth region.

Koi King High Growth and Spirulina:

High Growth is a 40% protein food with increased fat levels, for maximum Koi growth. For use in the growing season (warmer months). We recommend mixing high growth with Koi King Staple and Koi King Spirulina (3kg of Staple, 1kg of High Growth and 1kg Spirulina) for maximum benefit at a resonable price.

Spirulina food is a very dark brown (almost black) colour and is packed with Spirulina Algae to maximise Koi and Goldfish colour. It gives deep reds and true blacks. Use straight Spirulina food until the desired colour is reached and then mix with staple to maintain colour (3kg Staple plus 1kg Spirulina).

Sekerin Japanese Koi Food:

SekirinMade in Japan with a unique recipe that reduces pond pollution. This food has added spirulina for colour enhancement. Japan has a reputation for producing magnificent Koi and demand high quality feeds for their fish. This is a mid range protein food (34%) and while this food may not be as high protein as other foods on the market there is a guarantee of quality ingredients.

Pondmax Fish Stiks

Low protein food in an easily digestible stick form. Stiks are not as heavily compacted as other foods so are easy to digest. Low protein foods are suitable for people who can't resist over feeding their fish.

Aquapro Economy Fish Food

Most people are familiar with these red and green fish food pellets. These are a low protein food (28%) for the budget conscious. This food will still provide your Koi and Goldfish with sufficient nutrition to meet all their needs, they just don't have the same colour enhancing properties or protein levels as the more expensive feeds. Koi may not reach their full growth potential using lower protein feeds.

Pondmax Fry and Commercial Grower Fish Food:

Pondmax Commercial FoodPondmax Commercial Grower Fish Food for Aquaponics Systems is a complete grower diet for Barramundi, Trout, Perch and other native fin fish species. It's super high protein formula provides maximum growth. Available as Fry Grower food with 45% protein in 0.6mm crumble and 2mm pellet and as Commercial Grower Pellets with 40% protein in 4mm and 6mm size. This food is labelled as slow sinking, we have tested the medium pellets and found them still floating after 5 minutes. Which is great for ensuring you are not overfeeding and also enabling removal of excess food from the system. Can be used by those people running a combination of ornamental fish such as Koi and Goldfish and Aquaponics fish. Available in 1kg bags (0.6mm, 2mm, 4mm & 6mm) for $19 or 10kg bags (2mm, 4mm & 6mm) for $69.


You can buy this food in store or online (Large bags are not covered by our standard $10 shipping charge) .Buy online